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eyewater x AKTR

Collaborations with Yuya HASHizume, who has been attracting attention in recent years, have been attracting attention in recent years by 'eye water,' a series of monochrome-colored eyes, with a single grain of tears falling from the eyes and falling out of the eyes, by the animation of Japan.

In the past, the artist himself was able to express his feelings of joy, regret, and grief at the time of the sport, by inscription of the past in which he had once dedicated his youth to basketball.

In addition, the main products that are represented by life style scenes are items that play an active role in sports, so the line-up of the main products, regardless of age, is the line-up of each generation.

Attention is also focusing on the artwork of the special note that appears as an art item with a limited quantity of art.

Please enjoy the collection that depicts the various thoughts that are scattered in sports with the Yuya Hashizume and the AKTR sports.


It was also an immediate release on the launch date.eyewater I've decided on a list of "BASKETBALL" list!

The product that dropped the newly created illustration into BASKETBALL is a triple-collaboration with TACHIKARA, and is a special specification with the original case.

RESTOCK RELEASE: March 5, 2020 (soil)
* AKTR onrastorer will be available for sale at 12:00.

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