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A collaboration with 68 & Brothers, which develops a unique brand that has a unique brand that has a solid closure, based on American vintage, has been released!

The collaboration logo between 68 & Brothers and AKTR has been reprinted, making it a vintage urban outdoor style collection.

The reversible vest with both nylon and fleece designs is a specification that creates an endless urban outdoor style in any scene, 68 & brothers original big silhouette body hoody and Ron Tee are tasteful aging. The color is characterized.

It is an item that excites the active mood of autumn and enjoys the fun of layered!

68 & brothers

Lower East Side to propose vintage closing with Mark Macnairy (Mark McNairy New Amsterdam/ Woolrich Woolen Mills) with Mark Macnairy (Mark Macnairy New Amsterdam/ Woolich Woolen Mills) in New York in 1995. Start with. After that, JOHN GLOUKOW also participated and pursued sincere clothes. Relaxed in select shops such as Union, Barneys New York, Louis Boston, Fred Segal L.A, and are now famous, TOMAS CAMBELL, TOMMY GUERREO, RICH JACOBS, Neck Face, etc. There are many collaborations with the tist Released. After the terrorist attacks in 9.1 1, the base moved from New York to Tokyo, and in 2006, a shop in Harajuku, and continues to the present.

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