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DESERT DAISY collection

There will be peaks and valleys, but let's turn them all into power!
An original collection presented by basketball brand AKTR to all women who enjoy sports.

AKTR, developed by Sennichi Shoten Co., Ltd., will release a new product in its 4th original women's line titled "DESERT DAISY collection."

An original women's line launched by AKTR in 2020.
This time, with the theme of "DESERT DAISY", we have put together a practical and POP lineup that will make sports scenes even more enjoyable as the weather gets colder.
We also have crew sweatshirts that are a little thicker and can be worn for any occasion, T-shirts with fun graphics, two types of shorts, and warm pants made of fleece material. We have sizes ranging from S to XL, so you can have fun choosing one that suits your unique body shape and skin tone. There is no right answer when it comes to coordination. Find a combination that makes your heart flutter, allowing you to feel the love of sports outside of the sports scene.

We asked five basketball players with different backgrounds and personalities to create the image visuals: Stefanie Ma, Aiko Fujimoto, Aiko Baranski, Mayu Kubota, and Haruka Hanada. To be yourself,
I hope the AKTR lineup will help you dress like yourself.

photographer: Norichika Inoue (Nowri)
hair makeup: Misa Motoki / Assistant: MAYUMI
design: Ayaka Kato
models: Stephanie Mawuli / Mako Fujimoto / Aiko Baranski / Mayu Kubota / Haruka Hanada

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