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eyewater x AKTR

Yuya Hashizume, an artist who has been attracting attention in recent years with his series of works ``eye water,'' which depicts the moment a single tear falls from an eye using a Japanese anime drawing method against a monochromatic background. A collaboration has been realized.

In order to convey to everyone who knows ``that feeling,'' the artist himself has expressed his past of dedicating his youth to basketball through illustrations, allowing you to feel the emotions such as joy, regret, and sadness in sports. This is a collaboration like this.

There are also items that are useful in lifestyle scenes, and the main symbolic products are items that are useful in sports, so it is a lineup that can be worn by any generation to suit their taste.

Also keep an eye out for the custom-made rugs that will be available as art goods in limited quantities!

Please enjoy the collection by Yuya Hashizume and AKTR that expresses the various thoughts that are scattered around sports.


Yuya Hashizume was born in Okayama Prefecture in 1983 and is currently based in Tokyo. He began his career as a self-taught artist, and has attracted attention in recent years for his series of works ``eye water,'' in which he uses a Japanese anime-style drawing method to depict the moment a single tear falls from an eye against a monochromatic background. are collecting.

In today's world, where the lack of originality in events and things becomes more prominent through the information disclosure and exchange system centered on SNS, creating a new environment, how can we create a highly complete fiction while also creating a gap between it and the original? The idea of ​​creating an experience of misalignment can be glimpsed in the background of the work.

Since 2016, he has held a number of independently planned exhibitions mainly in Tokyo and Okayama, and has also participated in exhibitions in London, Hong Kong, Seoul, etc.


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