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GLOW collection

How much do you grasp from confidence? You are already beautifu!
It is the original collection which is presented to the woman who enjoys aktr and the hometown.

The aktr will be released on September 9, 2023 at the sixth time of the year.

Aktr started in 2020, line of ORIENS nartwens. This time, it linked with the collection which launched in May, and the light, the glow, and the red tide were visualized, and the theme "glow" of the season was put on the theme, and it became a little more spurt, and it was a practical and pop line of the nunnafu..
The theme theme flower is expressed in the flower, and it is a framed T-shirt of the original material of the original material that the pop Hatsune lint has been put on the front hat, and the small full size scissors of the skirt, shorts of the thief, and the toffee of the sweat of the full frame. I think that I can choose from the S ~ XL to choose the body type and the skin tone with different personality. There is no correct answer to Cote. I have found a combination of hearts that can feel the feeling that I love Sophie.

And, the image of the image is completely different from the common point in which the scrape of the squeak is completely different from the common point. I think that it is good to be able to stand by aktr's linnauf transition to be oneself so that it seems to be oneself.

Georg stedin Gaudin
Hair Yoga
Ayaka Kato
Model: YUI☆Styl / YUI Fukuda

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