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KAGO-AKTR project

A partner project product between basketball school "KAGO" and AKTR.
A new product designed with graphics based on KAGO-AKTR's philosophy has been released.

“KAGO-AKTR” is a product lineup that symbolizes the diversity of KAGO, which supports and evolves basketball instruction in Japan from a wide range of angles, including club team activities, overseas expeditions, and the dispatch of skill coaches. This is a project that will be carried out with all those who support basketball in the future, in order to enable further support through AKTR.

KAGO comment↓

Through this project, we hope to further accelerate the ``nurturing'' and ``spreading'' of Japanese basketball together with AKTR, which continues to think and design unprecedented basketball styles.

To the next level.

KAGO-AKTR stores
KAGO online SHOP:
AKTR directly managed store


Started as a basketball school business in Osaka in 2009. Currently, we have expanded to areas in Tokyo and Fukuoka, and are conducting a wide range of activities centered on schools. From 2021, KAGO will head to the next stage as a project that considers the "development (of players and coaches)" and "spreading" of Japanese basketball.

KAGO official site:


Director, Cinematographer: ISSEI
Photographer: Hanako Kimura

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