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List of remote island areas

prefectures Remote island area (place name)
Hokkaido Rishiri District (Rishiri Fuji Town/Rishiri Town)
Rebun Town, Rebun District
Tokyo Oshima Town, Toshima Village, Niijima Village, Mikurashima Village
Kozushima Village, Miyakejima Miyake Village, Aogashima Village
Hachijojima Hachijo Town/Ogasawara Village Chichijima
Ogasawara Village Hahajima
Niigata Sado City
Awashimaura Village, Iwafune District
Shizuoka Atami City Hatsushima
Aichi Minamichita Town, Chita District Shinojima/Hinakajima
Hiroshima Osakikamijima Town, Toyota District
Ninoshima-cho, Minami-ku, Hiroshima City
Momoshima-cho, Onomichi City (Momoshima)
Fukuyama City Hashirishima Town (Hashirishima)
Shimane Oki District
Kagawa Kagawa District (Naoshima Town)
Tonosho Town, Shozu District
Shodoshima Town, Shodo District
Nagasaki Iojima-cho/Takashima-cho, Nagasaki City
Ikejima-cho, Nagasaki City (Ikeshima)
Saikai City (Matsushima)
Takashima-cho, Matsuura City (Takashima)
Imafuku-cho, Matsuura City (Tobishima)
Matsuura City Hoshika Town (Aoshima)
Doshima Town, Hirado City (Doshima)
Oshima Village, Hirado City (Oshima)
Iki City (Iki Island)
Tsushima City
Goto City
Shinkamigoto Town, Minamimatsuura District
Ojika Town, Kitamatsuura District
Uku Town, Sasebo City (Uku Island)
Kagoshima Kagoshima District (Mishima Village/Toshima Village)
Satsumasendai City
Nishinoomote City
Kumage District (Nakatane Town, Minamitane Town, Yakushima Town)
Oshima County
Amami City
Setouchi Town, Oshima District (Koniya Sekui Nishi)
Okinawa Main island
Shimajiri County (Zamami Village, Tokashiki Village, Tonaki Village, Aguni Village, Izena Village, Iheya Village, Kumejima Town, Minamidaito Village, Kitadaito Village)
Uruma City
Ie Village, Kunigami District
Miyakojima City
Ishigaki City
Taketomi Town, Yaeyama District
Tarama Village, Miyako District
Yonaguni Town, Yaeyama District
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