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Pick Up Playground #6

The 6th LS TEE of the apparel collection of Pick Up Playground and AKTR is released!

We will release the sixth LS TEE of the apparel collection, which is the basis of the activities of the Pickup Play Ground.
In addition, some products that were SOLD OUT are wristock!

As before, we will use garbage picking kits in a part of sales, and use garbage pick -up and pick -up games in the event "Pick Up Playground" where all participants will be held.

New Release

Restock Item

RELEASE: Tuesday, January 2, 2024 START !!

AKTR SPORTS SUPPLY (American Village/Komazawa store): 10: 00-

This product will be released at the AKTR Online Store and the AKTR SPORTS SUPPLY American Village/Komazawa store.



PICK UP PLAYGROUND is an event held to ensure that there will continue to be basketball courts in parks, and that the number of courts will continue to increase throughout Japan. On the street, a game played by a variety of players gathered in a park to form impromptu teams is called a pick-up game, but we named it ``PICK UP PLAYGROUND'' to include the act of picking up trash around the court. His players, young and old, gather at the event to play pick-up games, and after the event, all participants pick up trash. Through these events, acquaintances increase, conversations occur during everyday use, and a community is fostered. The court gains autonomy through the community, and the rules for using the court are created based on the morals of the users. I am drawing such a future.



[ALLDAY] is a 5on5 tournament that was born when Nike Japan Co., Ltd. donated two basketball courts to Yoyogi Park in Shibuya, Tokyo in 2005. From the emerging street basketball scene, ``Pickup Playground General Incorporated Association'' has been launched with five brands including domestic basketball apparel brands [AKTR] and [ballaholic], basketball brand [TACHIKARA], and street ball league [SOMECITY].
The five brands will release the "PICK UP PLAYGROUND" apparel collection and donate a portion of the sales to a general incorporated association. The donations will be used to create eco-cycles, which will be used to produce garbage pick-up kits and donate them free of charge to basketball courts across the country.


Garbage pickup kit and donation

``PICK UP PLAYGROUND'' will produce work gloves, tongs, and trash bags with the project logo printed on them, and will be used to pick up trash at events. This project, which began last November, started in Tokyo's Yoyogi Park and Komazawa Park, and the call for area organizers released in March received applications from over 50 locations across the country. Through basketball and trash picking, a culture of self-government, where people protect their own courts, is spreading throughout the country.

Supporting comment from Takehiko Inoue

When I was in the early stages of my career as a manga artist, before or after I started working on a manuscript, I would wander around Musashino on my bicycle at dawn, looking for a place with an outdoor ring.

It's been 30 years since then. Although the number of outdoor rings has increased, the fact that they can only be played during club activities or school breaks may not have changed much. I thought basketball should be closer to our lives, and when I heard about ``PICK UP PLAYGROUND,'' I deeply sympathized with their idea.

Be grateful for the places you can play and keep them clean. To live together without worrying about not only yourself but others. These ideas are similar to the ideas that have been unknowingly passed down through our families, club activities, and other places around us, and I think they can be said to be part of society's individuality. I hope that there will be more places where people can feel free to play basketball if they want to, regardless of their age, gender, or physical ability.

By the way, the red-haired genius from ``Slam Dunk'' can be seen in the ``PUP'' logo. I hope you will see this as an expression of my desire to gently support these activities without getting too intrusive.


Takehiko Inoue

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