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The new TIGORA collaboration product will be released in Alpine, Alpine and Alpine's official online store.

The Korean national basketball team will launch a collection of "TIGORA × AKTR" for the year 2023, which is excellent for fashion, as well as basketball and fashion, and it will be released on September 8 (Golden).

This is a rations that have been realized and realized in the AKTR ' "The Hassots of Soo-hoo!" and "For all of us who enjoy the scuttoning," and "for all the people who enjoy the sketches of the sketches," which is the same as the one in the Rhu.This is a seamless collection of FASHION and FUNCTION, which combine the functionality of the TIGORA and the AKTR fashion and the fashion of the AKTR and the fashion of the sketteur and the fashion of the fashion.

The TIGORA is a highly functional and low-cost way to achieve a high function and low price by making use of the technology and knowledge of the original Suho Corporation, which is unique to the original, in the middle, and in the middle, the TIGORA, in the middle of the cynese ruin.

* It is a sales product exclusively for the Sports Depot, Alpine, and the Alpine Official Onlappan.

*Please confirm the details of the product details from the Alpine and Alpine Formula Project pages.

"TIGORA x AKTR" Alpen official project page

It's not the models.
He was a former 3x3 professional basketball player.Currently, he works as a member of the "Lazy Lie Crazy [Lazy Crazy], a five-member YouTuber group, and has a personal channel that handles videos on basketball."

Youtube:Tomodo [Reacle]

Wear size: 175cm TEE L size/SHORTS L size

Okada: Okada Mao Mao (Mao)
He is a 3x3 professional basketball player.He is the representative of Sakura Kago Co., Ltd. He has contributed to the spread of basketball in a wide range of fields, including the operation of the basketball school, the national basketball competition, the appearance of PV Sports events, and the activities of children's educational and social contribution activities.


Wear size: 166cm TEE L size/SHORTS M size

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